Based on a vision with focus on clear objectives, we shape ideas  into products que transforman nuestro mundo. En Jaguar de México nos definimos como una empresa de Technological Innovation company. 

Tenemos 4 divisiones de negocio dedicadas al diseño, desarrollo, y comercialización of cutting-edge products for a variety of industries


Development and manufacture of solutions based on “Internet of Things (IoT)”.


Design and develop innovative products for automation, monitoring, and protection of movie theaters:


Products to guard and protect the telecommunications infrastructure and information technologies in enclosed spaces.


Products to guard and protect indoor & outdoor Carrier Class telecommunications equipment.

We not only design and manufacture products, but also generate value proposals for your business in order to improve customer experience. 

Excellence is our working commitment

We develop the hardware and the software for our products using advanced 3D design tools.

Planta-Jaguar 2

Our circuit-board assembly line has the capability to install components either superficially (SMD/SMT) or thru-hole, allowing the complete electronic and electrical incorporation of our products.

Cinema Jaguar

Based in Mexico, we have state-of-the-art machinery installed in our 48,000 ft^2 facility to ensure quality and efficiency at every stage of our products. Our manufacturing process is based on Computer Numerical Control (CNC), providing reliability, repeatability, and speed in each manufactured component.

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