Based on a vision with focus on clear objectives, we shape ideas

into products that will transform the world.

In Jaguar Mexico we define ourselves as an

Technological Innovation company.

Our 4 business divisions focus on design, development, and commercialization of cutting-edge products for a variety of industries


Development and manufacture of solutions based on “Internet of Things (IoT)”.


Design and develop innovative products for automation, monitoring, and protection of movie theaters:


Products to guard and protect indoor & outdoor Carrier Class telecommunications equipment.


Products to guard and protect the telecommunications infrastructure and information technologies in enclosed spaces.

We not only design and manufacture products, but also generate value proposals for your business in order to improve customer experience. 



Torre Acqua

Avenida de la Palma No. 8, 3er piso, Col. San Fernando de la Herradura, Huixquilucan, Edo. Méx. C.P. 52787.

Teléfono: + 52 55 8996-9948 o 47 ext 1202  |


Calle Tabla Grande No. 2, Col. Espíritu Santo, Jilotzingo, Edo. Méx. C.P. 54570 

Teléfono: + 52 55 8996-9948 o 47 ext 1202  |

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