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Since 1997, Jaguar has stood out for the innovation and quality of its products, positioning itself as one of the few companies in Mexico that annually has a considerable reinvestment of its income in research and development.

The team of engineers and designers that have been formed in Jaguar, represents the greatest strength of the company, which has allowed it to compete successfully in a global and increasingly demanding market.

Since its founding, Jaguar de México began as an engineering company specializing in the design of metal-mechanical products.

Jaguar has a team of highly trained engineers with thousands of hours of practical experience in the design of products for various industries, which allows the company to go from an idea to a product in just a few days.

Jaguar de México: Leadership by innovation

Co-design and co-development of state-of-the-art technology projects: we develop complex products that include metal-mechanical, electrical and electronic components, in conjunction with our customers to respond to their specific needs. 

Our Work Philosophy

As a technology innovation company, Jaguar's priority is to understand the needs of our customers and where they want to take their business, allowing us to develop innovative technology solutions tailored to exceed our customers' expectations.


We seek to deeply understand what our customers want to achieve in their businesses and create innovative technology solutions to get them there.

Continuous Improvement

Driven by a continuous improvement process with feedback from our customers and collaborators to be better and be able to deliver experiences to our customers, not sell products.


Committed to building long-term business relationships, delivering an extraordinary experience to our customers and business partners.


We are committed to providing the highest efficiency and quality standards in all our processes, from the first contact with our clients to the deployment of technology and maintenance services.

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